"It’s alright."

"I’m sorry."

Somehow, moments like this are far and few between, these days. Moments filled with memories of him, of them together. On their desks, across from one another. Interrogating. Chasing perpetrators. Eating. Talking. Flirting. Laughing. Hugging. Crying. And even though she grasps that there will be less and less of them as the days pass, she also knows that they will never cease to flash through her mind and that they will never not bring tears to her eyes. She tells herself that will always close her lids before they escape and reach her cheeks. Because she wants her eyes to be shiny with unshed tears when he comes back to her, so she can somehow trap his soul inside. 

Because he will come back. He will. Just like she did. 

Sometimes, she muses that she is selfish, but so is he. And so is love.